We’ve been hearing feedback from a lot of people that they enjoy working from home and that they hope to continue working at home well into the future—at least part of the time. Those folks fortunate enough to be able to work from their homes are also wondering about the coming school year; will they have to continue homeschooling or remote learning, or will the situation at that time allow for a return to schools? 

Some people have made makeshift arrangements in a corner of their bedroom or taken over the dining room to get things done. They’re making due because they realize it will be temporary. But how long is ‘temporary’ going to be? Likely, things won’t return to normal for a while yet. 

People working from home are doing so because they have no other choice, but they still want to optimize their environments so they can work comfortably and efficiently. It’s no wonder then that more and more homeowners are starting to question whether their house is still the right fit for them given these circumstances. 

“More and more homeowners are starting to question whether their house is still the right fit for them.”

In my conversations with these homeowners, two things frequently come up. The first is, “I wish I had another bedroom.” They imagine a room whose sole purpose is to be set up as a home office, free from distractions, and separate from every other living function. Since Zoom meetings have helped keep the world turning, many folks have communicated that they want a space that shows well on Zoom meetings—an organized, professional workspace. 

Does this describe you? Do you want an additional bedroom, and can you afford one? That brings me to the second thing I’m hearing in conversations: “With remote work, I don’t have to live in Miami or Fort Lauderdale. I can live in a nice area that has a slower pace and less expensive real estate.” 

Some of the places that are frequently mentioned in my conversations include areas north of Orlando like Ocala, areas around St. Augustine, or the smaller areas between Orlando and Tampa. For example, a town called Sebring has come up quite a bit. Would you entertain the idea of living outside of your current area simply because you could bring your job with you? 

The other day, I was talking to someone who mentioned their growing interest in Jupiter. As he explained it, one can find relatively affordable property that accommodates a home office and is also on a waterway. For boating and fishing enthusiasts like himself, that’s a game-changer. Though he’s still in exploration mode, this gentleman represents just one of many people who are seriously considering selling their homes in Miami to get property elsewhere in the state. 

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I’d love the opportunity to talk to you about making this kind of move if you’re truly interested. We can cover all of the bases and find out how feasible selling would be for you. Give me a call, text, or email, and let’s chat about it. There may be a unique opportunity out there for you to improve both your work and home life without breaking the bank. I look forward to hearing from you soon!